Get Even toned and Radiant with Filorga C-Recover

Stemming from the first French Laboratory dedicated to aesthetic medicine, with a vision to make their aesthetic expertise accessible to everyone, Filorga’s revolutionary range of anti-ageing skincare is formulated with New Cellular Encapsulated Factors (NCEF). NCEF is a unique complex which includes the same ingredients used in injectables and encompasses Hyaluronic Acid in addition to 50 ingredients, made up of a magical medley of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, co-enzymes and antioxidants.  This, all inspired by filling and revitalizing injections. 

It’s absolute genius if you ask me! And pain free with maximum results!  Skincare with clinical results always trumps any form of elaborate marketing for me and I put a few Filorga products to the test. (Filorga C-Recover Radiance boosting concentrate (featured below) and Best Seller Time Filler review coming soon)

Filorga C-Recover Radiance boosting concentrate

Uneven skin tone, coupled with a dull complexion and dark marks, as a result of sporadic spots or sun exposure, have always been my adversaries.  As a woman with an olive skin tone, I find it extremely tricky to find skincare products which efficiently remedy uneven skintone – you know, the whole melanin oxidation saga.   I know that a number of you have expressed similar concerns where obtaining blossoming even and radiant skin tone has become a struggle – and I can’t wait to share my results of this heavenly product with you.

In this particular instance, I cannot keep you in suspense and I just have to say to say that this 21 day journey with Filorga’s C-Recover has been a pleasantly awe-inspiring treatment from unpacking, to preparation and  application.

What is C-Recover Radiance Boosting Concentrate and what does it do?

Filorga’s C-Recover radiance boosting concentrate is an eloquent, 21 day cell renewal treatment  aimed at boosting cellular activity, evening out complexion and reducing wrinkles.  Furthermore, this concentrate invigorates radiance into dull, stressed and tired skin while improving tone, moisture, brightness and luminosity.

I absolutely love that this treatment has a dual function of anti-ageing  in addition to evening out skin tone  – this brilliantly reiterates Filorga’s expertise in knowing exactly what consumers and skincare advocates seek!

What are the key ingredients?

What makes this treatment exceptionally superior is  that the pure and ultra-concentrated  vitamin C is not only recognised for it’s antioxidant action, but also in boosting collagen production and skin radiance, thereby obliterating fatigue lines and boosting skin brightness. In addition, a trio of ultra-moisturizing polysaccharides (L-Fructose, D-Galactose and Galacturonic acid) provide a reinforced, moisturising sensation and powerful log-term hydration.

Why is the packaging beautifully meticulous?

The packaging is elegantly luxurious, but not without purpose.  Encompassing  100 % of the purest form of vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), it is vital that the product contents be protected from light and humidity in order to guarantee it’s stability.  The pragmatic ampoules are airtight and light-resistant and consideration of preparation of it’s contents just before use, ensures complete preservation of the antioxidant ingredients in addition to the clarifying properties of the Vitamin C.  What’s more, is that application of each ampoule is via a glass pipette dropper, allowing sanitary dispensation of the product on application.


Preparation of the treatment in each ampoule is delightfully simple and should be mixed immediately just before application. The pure vitamin C powder is released into the radiance boosting serum by firmly pressing the white button on top of the lid.  Once the contents are mixed well after shaking, the lid is replaced with the rubber pipette, calibrated to obtain the required amount for use on application.  The formula must be kept refrigerated once opened and used within 7 days.

My assay

I looked forward to starting the Filorga C-Recover journey, primarily for 2 reasons:

  1. As a scientist, Filorga’s transparency in efficacy of clinical results is extremely appealing and reassuring.
  2. I am etched with uneven skin tone, coupled with dark marks

I thoroughly enjoyed the preparation step with each ampoule – there’s a certain level of pure excitement  in the anticipation of the treatment.  I love meticulous processes, and  got quite a thrill as I religiously kept to a daily morning application (I even set a routine alarm) for 21 consecutive days. 

To preserve the activity of the product, I kept my ampoules in the refrigerator  after opening  and via the rubber pipette,  applied the radiance concentrate to my face, neck and décolleté  in a light massaging motion to assist optimal penetration. I also concentrated on my dark marks each morning for 21 consecutive days, before applying Filorga’s Time Filler Absolute Wrinkle Correction Cream (I will be revealing more about this Best Seller very soon).  Each ampoule lasts 7 days.

With a pearly white appearance, and serum like texture, it’s extremely light weight and smooths and absorbs beautifully  into the skin.

After the first  four  days,  I noticed that my dark spots (close to dark brown) turned into light brown smudges and my forehead and chin were noticeably evening out and much brighter.  By the second ampoule, almost as if a French artist blended my now light brown smudges to create an evened out canvass.

I never thought that I would be confident enough to go bareskin without wearing any BB cream or some concealer –thank heavens, now I can.  Thanks to this ground breaking treatment, my skin has become visibly radiant and rejuvenated.  Colleagues and friends have gone as far as to compliment my skin as “happy glowing skin”!  I think that is a perfect description of the efficacy of results of Filorga CRecover and highly recommended.

What impressed me most, is that I didn’t have to wait months to see a difference and there was a daily progressive improvement.   Also, my skin is quite sensitive and  the high concentration of vitamin C did not have any adverse allergic reaction and I will definitely be investing in Filorga C-Recover when my skin needs remedying – my sister Dr Pri and a few of  our colleagues and friends, have already ordered theirs, having seen the impressive results C-Recover has given me.

Filorga C-Recover Kit Retails at R910 and is available from Edgars, Takealot and selected boutique salons – and trust me, it is the best even skin tone radiant booster investment you can make!

For more information and to stay up to date with the latest on Filorga, follow on social media and visit the website:

Which Filorga Products have you tried or keen to try?

Please feel welcome to leave any questions or comments you have about these products or post , we would love to hear from you.

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‘Til next time, 

Much love


13 Comments Add yours

  1. Anushka Naidu says:

    I’ve always wanted something with Vit C but been scared of the strength and if it will work and this seems lovely. Thank you for the recommendation


    1. Vina says:

      I think that you’ll really like this Vitamin C treatment Anushka as it’s so gentle on the skin and it’s moisturising. Thank you for reading❤


  2. Samantha Govender says:

    Sounds amazing. I used Filorga samples of the Time filler but haven’t tried this yet


    1. Vina says:

      I don’t think there are samples for the C-Recover as it’s quite a meticulously packaged product with reason but you can’t go wrong with the set. I’m itching to share my views on the Time-Filler stay tuned. Thanks for reading Samantha❤


  3. Annie Sands says:

    Lovely results Vina


    1. Vina says:

      Thanks so much Annie❤


  4. Kat says:

    It looks amazing🥰


    1. Vina says:

      It’s an incredible product and the 21 day routine is absolute genius. Thank so much for reading Kat❤


  5. Julie W says:

    This is great I was heading to Edgar’s today so will definitely visit the counter


  6. Julie W says:

    This is great as I am heading to Edgar’s today so will definitely visit the counter. Ok but how cool is that prep 😆


    1. Vina says:

      So glad that you managed to get hold of a set! Would love to hear about your journey. Thanks so much for reading Julie❤


  7. Cathy Hall says:

    CRecover looks and sounds amazing…I need something with antiaging and looking forward to your timefiller review


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